Top 100 most visited sites by is a web service which tracks information about web traffic. If you are interested in top 100 most visited websites in the world here is the list. According to it #1 site is It offers many activities from e-mail sending to shopping. Second goes portal which is similar to and also offers e-mail, news, search and more. Third goes - biggest search engine in the world. #4 is site where you can watch thousands of videos and put yours as well. In top 10 there are 4 social networking sites (HI5, ORKUT, FACEBOOK and MYSPACE)
Summarized top100 list would look like that: News 14 Search 20 Social networking 13 File sharing 16 Companies 7 E-shops 3 Entertainment 8 Adult sites 4 Blogs 5 Other 10
So we see that people want to search, to read news, to communicate, to shop, download files, etc. Recent blog boom pushed blog sites to the top of 100 most visited sites list. Almost all these sites offer their service for free. Video watching became so popular that youtube is almost the most popular site in the world. One site in the top 100 list ( copied the concept of youtube and skyrocketed to the top offering to watch xxx content. These top 100 sites generates the vast majority of internet traffic. So about 90% of internet activities involves one of these sites.

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