Protect your E-mail from Spam on the Internet

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Imagine that you post your e-mail anywhere on the internet (forums, comments, etc.) and don't worry that spambots crawl and add it to their lists. ContactR can protect your e-mail from seeing by others.

Simply create an account in ContactR and you will be provided with widget code or html button code which you can input anywhere in your blog (in Blogger use HTML/JavaScript as page element) or website.

This is how it looks in reality:

e-mail widget
Widget for writing e-mail directly to you
email buttons
Buttons (3 types) which send you to composing page

When your reader writes an e-mail after sending he is taken back to the page he left. Nice feature not to loose visitor.

This service also provides CAPTCHA protection (which means a real person must enter text from image, this is how your e-mail is protected from spam).

Additional code for forums.

Famous blogger Jay White (DumbLittleMan blog) is using this service for e-mails.

If you have any questions you can :)

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