Sitemeter LAUNCHES Web Counter and Tracker for Yahoo Widgets

Yahoo WidgetsWidgets are tiny applications that live on your desktop and can do various jobs like showing weather temperature, stock quotes or sports scores. With widgets you can remove one extra step to get information, that is you don't need to open your browser. Widgets are here on your desktop all the time. There are quite some widget programs for your desktop but I reccomend Yahoo Widgets. They're highly customizable, you can hide, minimize and move to every corner of your desktop. They doesn't interfere with your other open windows and stays underneath any program. You can download Yahoo Widgets from here With Sitemeter's counter widget you can watch how many people visited your site in real time. So you won' t need to refresh your page or login to see counter statistics. Sitemeter's web tracking widget looks on your desktop as shown in the screenshot bellow.

Sitemeter widget widget control
Download Sitemeter's widget from here. Choose the right version (Mac or Windows) Installation in Windows goes as following. On top Yahoo Widgets sidebar press Menu options->Open widget. In a new window navigate to the place where you saved Sitemeter's widget and click open. Once you have installed this widget open the “preferences” (right click on the widget) and enter your sites SiteMeter codename. This code can be found in your account page or in your counters image link address. Roll over Sitemeters image which you've placed in your page and notice that link ends something like this "". s41yourname is the value which you have to enter in.

sitemeter widget code

In widget preferences you have some other options. Enable speech if you wan't that a robot will tell you number of visitors. Pulse speed shows that widget is working, you can make it pulsate slower or faster. You can also set which values to show, visits or views.

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