20% Off Discount Coupon Code for Flash Tutorials


Recently all subscribers to CartoonSmart.com got a newsletter with 20% off discount of all tutorials old and new from this site. This offer will last only until December 25.

The code itself is 02857416, you have to enter it in paypal's check out window.

Justin (owner of CartoonSmart) is a flash guru and makes great tutorials which are both easy to follow and understand. There are plenty of tutorials for absolute beginners and advanced users. Flash is very nice and handy program which can help you to make banners, animation, web pages, page elements and so on. Being vector based flash files are very small in size (if correctly optimized) and save a lot of bandwidth.

If you want to check it out, you can download some free tutorials from CartoonSmart.

I should also mention that Justin has a good sense of humor and in every tutorial you will find moments where you will laugh along with him.

Interesting thing: If you notice CartoonSmart site is made only from a few flash files but still has a very high Page Rank of 6. This is hard to achieve for flash based web sites because Google is unable to index flash files so it is advisable not to create entire web sites in flash or at least try to keep text parts as html.

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