Now You Can Change The Adsense Font.

A lot of publishers were craving for more options to manipulate the appearance of adsense ads on the webpage. Adsense team gladly announced about new changes with adsense font face. From now every adsense user can select font face in ad text on pages with Latin characters. You can choose from 3 font faces between Arial, Times and Verdana. Keep in ming that although font option will be available in every account, but changes of ad units appear only in pages with Latin-based characters.

There are several posibilities of adapting the face font of your ad units. If you 'd like to change font type for all ad units generated from your account, go to “Ad Display Preference” section and select account wide font value. This will assign all ad units even those created in the past to appear with new font face. This could save you a lot of time because you won’t have to recreate all ad codes from the scratch. By default, all ads are set to have “Standard Adsense font family” which is approved by adsense team as best performing font type for all browsers and monitor resolutions.

You’re still able to select custom font type for your specific ads. When creating new units of advertisement, you will be asked to choose between the default 'Standard AdSense font family', your new account-wide font face (if you've selected one), or one of 3 available custom fonts from the drop down menu. If you do not choose to change font account wide you can change existing ad units by visiting the Manage Ads page.

New adsense font changing feature allows you to experiment with font combinations. You’re not tied with arial anymore to blend your site’s text with adsense ads.

So to change your Adsense font just start creating new ad unit and in the process you will see the new option for changing fonts.

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