Introduction of this blog

Hello, this is the first entry of my new blog TIPS4WEBLIFE. The reason I created this blog is that I find lack of really easy to understand and suitable for everyone information about various aspects of weblife, i.e. for example if I search how to make home lan I find many irrelevant sites with incomplete and confused information and I have to read some forums with people trying to solve their problems and not what I'm looking for - HOW TO MAKE A HOME LAN. So this blog will be your comprehensive guide into really clear and easy instructions how to make or do things with your computer. I will try to add many pictures and instructions and keep it as simple as possible. My main interest will be php, mysql, css, javascript and other programming languages for web development. I'm still learning those so don't expect serious articles yet. Besides programming I will post some tips working with computer and other stuff (like making screenshots, optimizing photos for websites and the like) Ok that's about it. Of course I have to say sorry for my english I hope it will improve in the course of time. Good reading everyone! M@nkos

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