Now You Can Change The Adsense Font.

A lot of publishers were craving for more options to manipulate the appearance of adsense ads on the webpage. Adsense team gladly announced about new changes with adsense font face. From now every adsense user can select font face in ad text on pages with Latin characters. You can choose from 3 font faces between Arial, Times and Verdana. Keep in ming that although font option will be available in every account, but changes of ad units appear only in pages with Latin-based characters.

There are several posibilities of adapting the face font of your ad units. If you 'd like to change font type for all ad units generated from your account, go to “Ad Display Preference” section and select account wide font value. This will assign all ad units even those created in the past to appear with new font face. This could save you a lot of time because you won’t have to recreate all ad codes from the scratch. By default, all ads are set to have “Standard Adsense font family” which is approved by adsense team as best performing font type for all browsers and monitor resolutions.

You’re still able to select custom font type for your specific ads. When creating new units of advertisement, you will be asked to choose between the default 'Standard AdSense font family', your new account-wide font face (if you've selected one), or one of 3 available custom fonts from the drop down menu. If you do not choose to change font account wide you can change existing ad units by visiting the Manage Ads page.

New adsense font changing feature allows you to experiment with font combinations. You’re not tied with arial anymore to blend your site’s text with adsense ads.

So to change your Adsense font just start creating new ad unit and in the process you will see the new option for changing fonts.

World Premiere of Games in February.

The most interesting games to be released in February 2009.

Date Name Genre More info
February 5 "Burnout paradise" racing
February 13 "F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin" shooting
February 18 "Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of war 2" strategy
February 20 "Wheelman" action
February 20 The Sims 3" simulator
February 24 "Drakensang: The Dark Eye" rpg
February 24 "Cryostasis: The Sleep Of Reason" shooting
February 27 "The Godfather II" action

Optimize your Blogger Blog for SEO

SEO optimization for blogs can bring you tons of new visitors without using PPC compaigns or any other costly way of attracting new readers. You get your free and highly interested in topic visitors from Google.

Standard Blogger blog hasn't the feature to input your own meta keywords and description into a blog. Many bloggers forget that and don't pay any attention, but creating your Blogger blog more SEO and search friendly will bring great benefits inluding your Adsense income.

To include those 2 important meta tags in your blog:

  • Go to Layout mode and select Edit html;
  • Find closing </head> tag (Ctrl+F) and type those lines:

<meta name="Keywords" content="keyword1, keyword2" />
<meta name="Description" content="description for your blog " />

  • Adjust description and keywords text for your own needs.
  • Save Template and Reload your blogger blog.

Tip. You can check your metatags for every page on the internet with Firefox. Install famous Web Developer toolbar addon and press Information->View Meta Tag information.

Upload any file to Humyo

25Gb free space for any type of media files and additional 5Gb of space for non media files. This web2.0 website allows easily trandfer your files from computer and keep them online for use outside your home. Built in media player allows you to listen and watch mp3 songs and videos. You can even access your file from mobile phone. Humyo auto detects what type of device you are using and then presents appropriate format for your device. You can even install a small program that creates another hard drive icon in your My Computer folder so you extend your computer's hdd capacity by 30Gb.

You can open files direct from your storage space and save documents direct to your humyo from your PC applications. Your humyo drive is compatible with all applications so you don't have to change the way you work to get the benefits of humyo.

Grab your 30Gb today and store your files online. Almost no restrictions apply, you can even upload files bigger than 1Gb.


Faster Turn Off and Start Up your Computer

When you have Windows installed for several month or more it can become very slow. It's not only your programs run slower than usual but also Shut Down and Start Up time increases a lot. What you can do to make computer turn off and start up faster? One way is to reinstall windows or add more RAM but if you have many programs instaled which you need to use everyday, you can not afford to go with fresh Windows installation. Searching for drivers alone could cost you a half day. Buying RAM is good but also needs time and investment.

The easiest way to decrease up and down time for your computer is to use hibernate function. Off course you know about hibernating but do you really used it? You will be impressed with the results. It can take up to 2 or 3 minutes for old and stuffed computer to shut down but with hibernating you can leave your computer after 15-20 seconds. Starting up also takes much less time.

The main concept of hibernating is that computer saves all the information of working Windows OS to the hard drive and later only has to load already working Windows session. You can even watch DVD movie from the point where you left before hibernating.

How to use hibernation?

Press Start button and as usual select Turn of Computer. On the popup window press Shift and you will see that Standby button changes to Hibernate. Press it and you're done. Literally you can continue one session even a month if you never shut down your computer fully. But I suggest you to do so once in a while because sometimes one program can become unstable and you will load that error again and again, but if everything works fine you can hibernate as much as you want.

hibernate Hibernate your computer

A Free Video Editor for Small Projects

video spin logo

Pinnacle decided to release a free version of video editing software called VideoSpin. This program is absolutely free and can be used to create and edit your home videos or just mix some video clip from various sources. For 15 days you can use all the features of VideoSpin but after this period you won't be able to save your movies to iPod compatible, divx, mpeg-2 and mpeg-4 file formats. However you still can save videos as avi, mpeg-1 and flv formats.

VideoSpin supports transitions, title making, adding images to video projects, adding external sound clips.

video spin editing optionsApart those one the niciest feature about VideoSpin is that it can upload your rendered video straight to Youtube and Yahoo! Videos. You just have to enter your login details, video title and description, and VideoSpin will take care of the rest.

video spin youtube screen video spin main window

Download VideoSpin here

No Roll Over Alt Text with Firefox?

you see alt text

If you noticed that when you place an image in your blog and roll over it in Internet Explorer you get alternate text displayed for several seconds, but when you try to do it in Firefox the text doesn't show up. This is because Firefox doesn't display Alt text like IE does.

This is quite strange but the fix is really easy. If you add a title attribute to an image then even Firefox will display it as an alternate text.

Blogger doesn't provide you with instant title attribute adding feature but it's really not difficult. Just insert image as you allways do by clicking on the Add Image button and then go to Edit Html mode. Locate where is the image tag and add the following line after src attribute:

title="some image title to display on roll over".

Your whole image tag would look like this:

<img id="..." style="FLOAT: right; MARGIN: 0px 0px 10px 10px" alt="you see alt text" title="you see title text" src="..." border="0" />

When you have only Alt attribute in the img tag then IE will display it but Firefox won't, when you have both Alt and Title attributes, then both browsers will display title attribute. Using title attributes with images can improve your blog or site in a way that it can be indexed better by search engines and Firefox users will see Alt text as well.

Bellow is two images working as examples:

This image has only Alt attribute (Alt="This is Alt text") , if you read this blog with Firefox you probably don't see when roll over

You see alt attribute text

This image has both Alt and Title attributes. You should see roll over text on both IE and Firefox

You see alt attribute text

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