Top 10 hotkey combinations

How often do you use your keyboards' hotkeys to make things go faster? Did you know that you can minimize all your windows at the same time only with 2 keys combination? If not I suggest you to read further. Hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts are very helpful when you want to do a predefined operation like copying, cutting, managing your desktop windows and so on. There are many hotkeys in windows operating system. Some of them are very handy others in my opinion are only needed if you somehow manage to break your keyboard. So let's go to my top 10 favorite hotkeys. 10 place Ctrl+Alt+Del this combination can save you from lot of trouble, for example when your computer freezes you can open task manager with your hotkey combination and try to terminate it by right clicking on the program and choosing End task. I think this is a combination that every user should know. It was especially helpfull during Windows 98 era. Ctrl+Alt+Del combination brings you a Windows Task Manager window where you can manually shut down unresponsive aplication ulead video studio 11.0 not responding 9 place Ctrl+Z combination undo every step you've done. If you renamed or moved some file and want to undo that just press the Ctrl button and while keeping it pressed click Z. This brings your file back where it was or renames to original file name. This combination also works by default in various programs such as word, excel, paint, flash, dreamweaver and so on. In some programs you can undo even hundred steps. I can recall one situation when this hotkey combination helped. One of my acquaintance accidentally deleted huge portion of text which he wrote in notepad and began to blame everyone for this, and I said him that he might try Ctrl+Z. And that worked, he saved a ot of time though. 8 place Ctrl+C This combination copies whatever you're selected, it can be text, images or files on your computer. It is faster to press Ctrl+C than right click on the item and wait for the menu to drop in. When you install many programs your right click menu expands almost along whole screen so it becomes difficult to find that copy slice. I also experienced that when you insert obviously damaged cd or dvd into dvd-rom and open by right clicking it to copy some undamaged files in order to save what you can the cd becomes unresponsive. Sometimes you can avoid that by just selecting files and using this hotkey. 7 place Ctrl+A combination selects all the text in the working area. It can be notepad, word document or webpage. This is convenient if the text large and in order to select everything you should scroll up and down. 6 place F2 is a rename hotkey in windows. You don't have to right click on it. There is another way to rename files by selecting file you want to rename and clicking one more time on it, but if you're in a hurry you could easily do double click and windows recognizes this as a signal to open the file. 5 place Ctrl+X cuts selected element. This combination also speeds things up and you don't have righ click. Just simply select file(-s) you want to cut and press Ctrl+X. After that you notice that images of those files becomes obscured. 4 place Drag with Ctrl. When you drag files between open windows you move them from one location to another, but if you want to copy them press Ctrl and drag, this leaves original files in their place and copies in new location. 3 place Ctrl+V. It performs paste operation and also speeds up your work with file management. 2 place Alt+Tab. This is very decent hotkey when you have many windows open. By pressing Alt and Tab you could quickly navigate through open windows and go to desired aplication. Keep clickin on Tab button until your application is framed, then release Alt and here you are. 1 place Ctrl+Alt+YOURBUTTON This is my favorite hotkey because you create it yourself. This hotkey can launch any program which is in your start menu or shortcut on desktop. I'll show you how to create your own hotkey for launching winamp: Firstly locate where is your winamp shortcut and right click on it. Then go to properties and press mouse on shortcut key line then type 1 letter (for example W) which you can easily remember. Press Apply and Ok buttons to save your hotkey. Now whenever you want to start winamp just press Ctrl+Alt+W That is 10 hotkeys that I often use, you probably knew some of them but I want emphasize that in order to do things quickly you must learn to work not only with your mouse but keyboard also.

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