Tutorial. How to make a desktop screenshot? (Works on WinXp, Win98, WinMe, Win2003)

So a screenshot is the image of your computers' screen at the given moment. Sometimes you can be asked to provide a screenshot of your desktop. This could happen for example if you need help configuring some internet options and post a thread on some forum. Making a screenshot is one of the easiest jobs, however not everybody knows how to do it. Screenshot making consists of 3 steps:

  1. Place any windows like you want to appear on your screenshot and hit Print Screen button on your keyboard
  2. Open any graphics editor you have (like Paint), go to Edit menu and select paste
  3. Save your screenshot in any image format you want. Go to File menu and hit Save

Now I will explain those three steps in more detail. Step 1. For example you want to make a screenshot of your winamp playlist and movie folder. You have to arange them and make sure that everything you want is visible:

my desktop screenshot

Step 2. Open Paint (or any other graphic program) and paste your screenshot by using Ctrl+V keyboard combination or like I said go to Edit menu and press Paste paint menu option paste Step 3. Now you have your screenshot pasted in Paint program. You can edit the image a bit by removing unnecessary information like your folder names or active programs. After all just press on File menu and choose save as: paint menu file save as

Some observations:

  • The screenshot making key on the keyboard is usually located in the upper right corner near F buttons and is labeled either PrtScr SysRq (usually on laptop keyboards) or PrintScreen SysRq
  • When saving your screenshot you can choose from different file formats. If you want best quality then try bitmap (in this case your screenshot file size can be quite big) if you want your screenshot to appear on the web then choose .jpeg. This format is very compact and is recognisible by every operating system.
  • You can take screenshot even if you are working in full screen mode. However you can't make a screenshot of a movie that simple. In this case you have to install some program which will extract the image from movie. Other way is to use player which has a feature called screen capture. For example a free player BSplayer have this option.

Here is a video How to make a screenshot. See it live in action Thats it. Hope screenshot making won't be a problem anymore for you. If you see some mistakes feel free to post a comment.

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well i tried paint application. first open the image using paint. select the image by clicking "select all" from "edit" menu. then copy the selected image from "edit" menu. then open new blank image by clicking "new" from "file" menu and just paste the image and save it by new name. the new saved image doesnt show details of metadata like date of image taken and type of camera etc.