How to protect your password

You will be amazed how people are unaware of using strong passwords. The worst you can do is to use passwords such as "slipknot", "qwerty","123", "password" and so on. A while ago I had the opportunity to see a password list of one online game user's accounts. Almost all the passwords were simple words. Like names, pet names, short numbers and so on. However a good password is the one which is at least 6 characters long and makes no sense. For example "ck7a9c" is a random key combination which I typed without looking at my keyboard.

You should not store your passwords in mobile phone address book, text files and other obvious places. It is also bad habbit to use the same password for many registrations on the internet forums and other communities because every time you use identical password you multiply chances to be hacked, because you don't know the forum admin who can be interested in your personality.
However nowadays we need more and more passwords to remember. Bank accounts, emails, forum membership, the list goes on... all require to use passwords. If you happen to store your passwords on computer you can use smart ways to protect your passwords. Don't trust other software for you to keep all your passwords because every program can be hacked. Instead create your own system of password protection. Here are 3 tips to store your passwords on computer:
  1. One password for all passwords. Put all passwords in notepad and this notepad put in password protected rar or zip archive. You only have to know the password to open comppresed zip or rar file. I don't say that it's the best protection system but outside hackers won't know this zip file contains your passwords and people who can use your computer likely won't be able to guess the password.
  2. Hidden password in picture. You can hide passwords in every picture you have on your computer. To do that you only have to open picture with editing program like MS paint ant write passwords in corners or other places of the picture in very small font. The bigger the picture's resolution the better because when if someone will open the picture your password text will be so small and almost invisible. Not everyone will try to view picture in full size
  3. One Note If you have MS OFFICE 2007 you can store passwords in One Note program which has password protection facility. Imagine you write your passwords in word sheet and protect from viewing it with passsword. Read One Note documentation for further information.

You can think up many more tricks how to protect passwords in your computer. The catch is that only you will know where passwords are located and how to find them. Things about nothing is known are safe things. Which do you think is safer: million dollar in your home safe or million dollar bellow ground in your garden? I'll bet the second one.

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