A Must Have Firefox Add-on for Web Developers

Firefox web developer toolbar

If you are a web developer and only wan't to have 1 addon in firefox, this would definitely be Web Developer's Toolbar It has so many capabilities that you can't imagine. You can test how page looks without javascript enabled, css and images disabled. Here's almost full list of features that this addon has:
  • Disable java
  • Disable javascript
  • Disable meta redirects
  • Disable minimum font size
  • Disable page colors
  • Disable popup blocker
  • Disable proxy
  • Disable referers
  • Disable cookies
  • View cookie information
  • Disable css inline, embedded, linked styles
  • View, edit css
  • Add user style sheet
  • Various methods with forms
  • Disable images
  • Hide background images
  • Display alt attributes
  • Display various tags (div, tables, ids, etc.)
  • Clear/delete browsing history
  • Display ruler on top of the page to measure various elements
  • Outline elements (divs, spans, tables)
  • Outline current element
  • Zoom in and out
  • Validate css html links
  • View source
  • And some more...

It is highly reccomended addon by various respectful professional web developers (e.g. Lynda.com). You can save much time having this, because only with 1-2 clicks you can sneak inside webpage and view how it is build. To install this free Firefox Web Developer's Toolbar follow this link and press the button install now.

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