Posting after dinner phenomena. Low paying ads.

India USA time gap

According to this article posting after dinner is not recommended for sites with PPC (pay per click) ads like Adsense because your readers will most likely to see low paying ads. This is because all advertising budget is eaten through the day and only cheap ads remain in the evening. So the moral is not to post after 6pm. However 6pm in one country might be 6am in other. How to calculate the right time for posting? Let's take an example that you live in India and you want to get the full benefit writing for Nort America audience.

Double click on the clock in lower right side of your desktop. Date and time properties appears. Click on time zones.

If your computer shows right time you should see GMT +5:30. Supposing your target is North America New York is in GMT -4:00. The time lapse between India and New York is 9,5 hours (+5:30+-4:00=9:30) This means that you must post 9,5 hours later your target time.

Let's say you want your posts to appear at 7a.m. in the morning in New York, then your posting time will be 4:30 p.m. (16:30) If you will post on 5:30 p.m. (17:30) it will be 7 a.m. in the middle of USA (Washington, Atlanta) and so on.

You can check time zones map here and make your own targeting decisions.
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