4 FUNNY and Useful Links While Having Free Time

Here are 4 funny weblinks if you have some free time to spend. First link is a mail service where you can write e-mail for friend and send it. This service differs from other services because it saves all your editing process. For example if you write "I love u so much" and then change to "I miss u so much" the recipient will see both variants. Visit Fuzzmail to send friend a lovely e-mail.

Second site is related to music. You can write up to 3 favorite groups and it suggests other bands similar with your favorites. I personally like Coldplay and Royksop, so I found another similar playing band called Telepopmusic. I liked it too. Visit Gnoosic to find the music you like
Gnoosic similar band finder
Third site is message in the bottle simulation. A flash site with a picture of ocean shore and waves create realistic illusion. You can send your own messages in a bottle or read random messages which appears near the coast. Visit Oceangram.
Oceangram, messages in the bottle
Last interesting site is nostalgic one. Many of you can probably remember kaleidoscopes in your childhood. It was a funny toy similar to binoculars which shows random visualizations like ones you see in Winamp. In this site you are able to create every possible random visualization. Visit this nostalgic site and draw a kaleidoscope.
Kaleidoscope in flash
Have good time with these 4 links and visit this place again for more.

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