9 Tips When BUYING New Computer

New school year have come and you're thinking of buying a new computer. If you have little or no knowledge about structure of computers and what parts are the most important this article will help you to choose optimal solution.

  1. At first decide what type of computer you want. Laptop or PC. If you plan to work at pc vs laptopschool, library, home and anywhere else you definitely need laptop. However keep in mind that laptops are weaker than PC in many cases and you won't be able to play latest video games. Price is also on behalf of PC.
  2. When you decide what kind of computer is needed settle the amount of money you could spend on it. Remember that part of the price is paid for brand names like HP, DELL, SONY. You could save some money by choosing less known brand name but the quality is almost the same.
  3. The main part of every computer is processor. It does all calculating tasks for programs. processor cpuToday processors are very powerfull comparing to their predecessors. If you're not going to work with graphical or video programs like Adobe Photoshop or 3D Max you don't need most powerfull processor. At least 2GHz should be enough. However not all processors with the same clock speed are equal. You should also note to L1 and L2 cash sizes. The bigger the better. L1 and L2 memory cashes speed up processor by storing important data as close as possible to processor.
  4. Second important component is RAM. Random Access Memory is needed by operating RAMsystem and all running programs. Nowadays optimal solution is to buy computer with at least 1Gb of RAM. If memory isn't enough computer will start to write data on hard drive which is much slower than RAM so as a result the whole system will be slow downed.
  5. HDD hard disk drive. Today people love to have thousands of songs and HDDhundreds of movies in their computers. Large capacity is needed for such desire. 120 Gb HDD should be minimum for a new computer. Of course you could always extend you storage by adding additional hard disk.
  7. Monitor is a primary device when you deal with your computer. It should display good quality of colors and be friendly to your eyes. 19 inches is most common diagonal of todays monitors. If you have chance buy widescreen monitor. It is best suited for watching movies and also you will have larger area for your desktop items.
  8. Also keep in mind that you probably will need to upgrade your computer in the future. So additional USB, PCI and other ports are important.
  9. For notebooks you can buy additional devices such as xb3000 which will expand your computers' capabilities.
  10. Computer software which comes with new computer is always cheaper so you can save here some extra money if you buy OS and antivirus as one product.

Remember to do a search and clarify all things before you buy a computer.

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