Edit Images Online with Adobe Photoshop Express

photoshop express screenshot

Adobe Photoshop professional costs about thousand dollars so not everyone can afford to buy this program. Adobe announced that it is going to release a free version of Adobe Photoshop called Adobe Photoshop Express.
Many rumours occured since this announcement and the program is still in development. It will be a strong competitor for online image editors like Fauxto or Picnic and others.
As the name suggests people could use Photoshop Express only online. All you will have to do is to open your browser window and edit uploaded images. From the official screenshot you could make a picture of how Photoshop Express will look like and what features it will have. Photoshop express will be based on flash technology, so in order to use it you should have flash installed. Hovewer don't expect to have whole Photoshop features for free. Only basic functions will be implemented in Photoshop Express.

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