Laser Printers are as Dangerous as Smoking!

Laser printer smoke

Recent research showed that laser printers are as dangerous as smoking. 60 laser printers were examined and 2/3 of them were reported as causing negative effects to health.

Modus operandi (or working principle) of laser printer is that a paper is given an electro-static charge and then a laser scans it discharging all clear areas. Next the paper is passed over a tray of powdered ink (toner) which is attracted to the charged areas. Finally the ink is bonded to the paper by heat or pressure. But electro charging is not the cause of danger as you might have expected. Indeed dangerous are powder from toner. Small particles are electro active and if inhaled might react in your body. The results showed that impact of laser printers are not less than that of smoking.

Tips to prevent yourself from this danger:

  1. Try not to be in the room with working laser printer for long hours.
  2. If you can't avoid interaction make sure that place is well ventilated. This way dangerous particles will disperse through the ventilation system.
  3. Most dangerous condition is after a new toner is installed.

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