Microsoft Search Engine TAFITI - Googles' rival?

TafitiNo way Microsoft beat Google with this fancy Tafiti search engine. At first glance it looks like glassy flash site, similar to Windows Media Player 11 which is more nice than functional. Why Tafiti? In some tribe called swahili it means "do research". Smart but understandable only for swahilians.

When you first arrive at Tafiti page you're asked to install some unheard-of Silverlight plug-in. 99% users might think "why I have to waste my time and install some software?" and they would be right. Though installation doesn't take long but additional space and resources of your computer are eaten.
As I expected Tafiti only shows old and PR1+ sites only. Unlike Google which indexes everything in few days.
The real fun begins when you try to view search results. Every result you click Tafiti opens in a pop-up window. And if you have basic protection you won't see any page from Tafiti search unless you manually dissable pop-up blocker.


In conclusion I would say that it's a total failure of Microsoft and Tafiti has no perspectives in the future. Tafiti SE breaks 2 main succesfull search engine concepts: functionality and availability. Not every user is able to install plug-ins and universal search results are not easy enough to use.

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