Old Days of YOUTUBE

Once started in mid February 2005 Youtube became one of the most popular website on earth. After 18 months it was acquired by Google for 1.65 billion dollars. Now it ranks as No. 4 most visited site (Alexa info) So profit for youtube during first 18 months were roughly saying 100 million dollars. It was created by 3 former employees of Paypal. Have you ever dreamed about making such a site - money machine?

Let's take a look how Youtube looked at the very beginning. We could do that with a help of Wayback Machine - a product of Archive.org. Bellow are 3 screenshots of main Youtube page in 2005.

Youtube main page in 2005
Youtube in 2005 April 28
Youtube in 2005 Youtube in 2005 June 27
Youtube in 2005
Youtube in 2005 July 22

As you see this site was changing in a matter of months but not design made it famous. It was the service. Video and everything related to it was and is one of the most desirable content on the internet for visitors. Maybe it wasn't worth 1.65 billion $ at the day of purchase but Google looked ahead and saw huge potencial of Youtube.

A Traffic Graph for youtube shows a steady increase of traffic during all times. Bellow is a chart of 3 year period.
Youtube traffic graph

How YOUTUBE will look like after 3 years? Will it become No. 1 site? Who knows, time will show.

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