Protect E-mail from SPAM with Temporary e-mail

email trashYou can get rid of all Internet trashes using a temporary e-mail. No more promotional letters, spam and other garbage will arrive in your inbox. Use temporary e-mails when you're asked for forums, newsgroups registrations, software downloads, sweepstakes or other dubious sites. No registration is required. You simply provide your fake e-mail name like Important thing is that you must end your e-mail name with ending. You can test this service by sending a test e-mail from your usual e-mail. MyTrashMail automatically creates e-mail account when whatever letter arrives. Use only such names which are hard to guess, include numbers in it and don't use generic ones like john bill etc. This is because everyone who can quess your temporary e-mail address has access to it. There is no password protection. You can check e-mail by typing this fake address in the main page of MyTrashMail.

trash mail
Remember that e-mails are stored between 12 hours and 30 days, so be sure to check the box soon.

Take a look bellow what you would've got if you have john name in your e-mail

john email

Create your temporary e-mail here. You could also create a bit more secure e-mail here too, just check Secure Temporary Email corner.

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