Winamp AUTO Reconnect

In a recent article about preventing internet radio drop while playing in winamp the suggestion was to increase Streaming Data buffer. However this trick not always works for me because somehow Winamp decides to give up streaming at certain condition and no matter how big your data buffer will be it quickly leaks out. You can alter prebuffering settings in one more place. Open preferences (Ctrl+P) and navigate to Plug-ins->Output and double-click DirectSound output plu-in. See screenshot.

Here is another buffer slide, you can drag it all the way to right and make it 20 seconds, but I found 15 seconds is the limit for my station (decide yourself here). Check status tab (far right) to see buffering parameters. These buffering settings will do max for general protection from buffer underrun but the main thing you shoud do is to set REPEAT button ON. If you use some fancy Winamp skin and don't see REPEAT button switch back to modern skin. Click REPEAT on and now you should be protected from stream drop.

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