Save RAM Memory while Working with Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Photoshop CS3 is a very powerful program which requires lots of computer resources. But did you know that you can save extra bit of memory and use it for better work flow by disabling some filters which you don't use? Each plug-in that loads with Photoshop when you start a program takes up some of the memory which you may need more for editing photos.

In Photoshop to temporarily hide filter so it doesn't load simply add tilde character ("~"), which is below Esc button on your keyboard to the plug-in you don't want to load. You can find all Photoshop plug-ins in default installation directory in folder named "Plug-Ins" Add that tilde character to the very front of a file name. That plug-in will not load when Photoshop starts. By doing this trick you can save some RAM overhead which you might need working with Photoshop.

Alternative method is to move all unecessary plug-ins from Photoshop installation folder and save them somewhere else until you need them.


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