Check If Your Website or Blog is Reachable Globally

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If your website loads very fast for you doesn't mean this is so in every part of the world. Your hosting company may limit bandwidth to other countries and your visitors may experience trouble exploring your site. The simplest way to check your site's loading speed is to open it in every country but of course it is impossible. Other way is to ask your IM friends to check how the site loads for them but it is also not very convenient. Luckily there are free service which does it for you.

WatchMouse can check any site loading time from 10 places scattered all over the world. You only have to type in your web page and hit enter. After several seconds you will get a results list which show average Resolve, Connect and Download time of your site.

This is quite accurate measurement because countries includes Melbourne (Australia), Asia (Shanghai), Europe, South and North America.

The WatchMouse site also offers you to watch your host 24/7 for additional fee or install small program and ping your site continuously.

Bellow is the results page for my blog Tips4Weblife. Seems that no problem was detected and everybody could view it without problems.

diagram pinging

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