Human Long Term Memory Limits

old woman reading a book

Few days ago I found a small note in the local newspaper stating that according to scientists human memory is in fact limited, differently from computers which has an increasing memory capacity. If you have to remember many facts in a short period of time you probably have to erase some small information of the past. It can be obscure moment of some event few years ago or (most important) an invaluable memory of a childhood.

The process of remembering involves junctions and associations making in humans brain. The memory making process is not yet clearly understood. Some life moments we remember very brightly and some only on special circumstances like smell can awake an old remembrance or return to specific place.

I can think 2 possible solutions to this issue. One is to try to remember old and bright moments as much as you can. This method will work like a second repetition of remembering events and improve those associations in the brain. Second method is to borrow an idea from computers, i.e. write everything to a diary or notes (Google notebook) and you'll have a backup for your memories.

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