Upload any file to Humyo

25Gb free space for any type of media files and additional 5Gb of space for non media files. This web2.0 website allows easily trandfer your files from computer and keep them online for use outside your home. Built in media player allows you to listen and watch mp3 songs and videos. You can even access your file from mobile phone. Humyo auto detects what type of device you are using and then presents appropriate format for your device. You can even install a small program that creates another hard drive icon in your My Computer folder so you extend your computer's hdd capacity by 30Gb.

You can open files direct from your storage space and save documents direct to your humyo from your PC applications. Your humyo drive is compatible with all applications so you don't have to change the way you work to get the benefits of humyo.

Grab your 30Gb today and store your files online. Almost no restrictions apply, you can even upload files bigger than 1Gb.


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