Learn photoshop, flash and other tutorials much faster

Currently I am watching many video photoshop, mysql, php, flash, dreamweaver and other video tutorials. Some tutors speak fast some slower. So to speed the learning process I decided to play those tutorials at higher speed. However winamp doesn't have the feature (as far as I know) of speeding up playback but BSplayer do. It has a great feature of increasing playback rate.

You can do this by navigating as shown in the BSplayer screenshot or just using shortcut Shift+F5. This will increase playback rate by 10%. To decrease playback by 10% press Shift+F6.
So as you can see in the winamp playlist screenshot 4 adobe photoshop tutorials playback time will be 13 and a half hours. Increasing playback rate by 20% will save me about 2 hours. Even if the tutorial is playing faster it is quite easy to follow and understand. Only tutor voice sounds a bit funny. Don't waste your precious time! Learn faster, live faster.

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