Save Flash Video Elements with Firefox

Firefox girlSo far we learned how to save flash movies with no software and with a help of KissYoutube site (only for YouTube videos). Now I'm gonna tell you how to safe Flash video from web pages only with standart Firefox browser. 1. Open the page where your flash files are and go to Tools -> Page Info menu 2. Go to Media tab and locate the flash file you want to download (you could also download any element you see here, like favicon, background and other file types. Save the file by pressing Save as... at the bottom of the window. Note that this not always works, because there are few ways how to display flash movies on the page so you have to use a combination of methods to achieve results.

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Andy Smith said...

Thanks for this information. I really like this way of adding a "want" or a"kiss" to dl youtube vids. It helps. Thanks!