Tips to PROMOTE Your Blog. Pinging

Regardless how good your blog could be and how usefull are the articles, unless noone reads them they're worthless. For most blogs and sites main source of traffic is SE (search engines). Most rewarding of them are GOOGLE, unlike Yahoo (which only indexes your pages after you pay more than 300$) it starts crawling your blog instantly after submitting your blog's url. Rule No. 1 for getting good position in SERP (search engine result page) is writing unique articles because there isn't less easy job for search engine to determine whether article is a copy (plagiarism) or not. So what to do after you post a great artice? Shout this to the world as soon as possible! One way to do that is to ping to every blog search engine. However there are many of them (like Technorati, Weblogs, and other) and to ping all of them manually would be inefficient. Luckily there are services which can help to do this bulk job only with one click. PING-O-MATIC is a service which pings different search engines that your blog has been updated. Go to Ping-O-Matic and input all your blog info (name, homepage url, RSS feed) and check how many blog search engines you want to ping at once. Press Send Pings and see the results. Most important tip here to do the same pinging later would be creating a shortcut with your blog details. Click Favorites->Add to favorites to create a shortcut for this service if you're on IE (Internet Explorer). For firefox browser steps would be Bookmarks->Bookmark this page. Make sure that target link in this favorite would be exactly the same as it appears on your browsers address bar. Mine for example is Later after you post an article you would spend only few seconds of pinging it to the world. Related Reading: Is your site indexed by GOOGLE?

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