Quickly Share Learning Materials With Your Fellow Academic Groupmates

If your lecturer is using Powerpoint to make presentation and agrees to share material you lecturehave 2 situations. One is to save presentation in your USB key or trust another student which promises to put the files in Group Conference or send via e-mail. You never know what will happen so here's another solution how to share presentations with all classroom and don't worry if someone won't get it.

1. Put the presentation in one of many file sharing services like Scribd. You can do it even without registering.

2. Make the link shorter by using Tinyurl service. You can make very long urls into short and easy to remember url which are about 25 characters long. For example this url http://tinyurl.com/23qs8e made from 86 character long url. It's easy to write down for all class because if you can remember tinyurl.com you only have to memorize last 6 symbols.

Off course this trick to work there must be an internet connection in your classroom. And sometimes lecturer doesn't want his presentation to be available in public domain. In this case instead Scribd use other file storing places like JustupIT. Compress and pasword protect files if necessary.

The whole process took me about 2min and 15sec to accomplish. It's not longer than to install your usb key and copy files to it instead.


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