Why You Shouldn't Run a Poll in Your Blog?

rat wheel

Blogger has many page elements to add to your blog. The newest 2 is Video Bar and Poll features. Polls are a good way to keep your visitors more time visiting your blog but instead using Blogger's Poll try to find other service which provides creating your own polls. And this is why.

Every time you visit such a page where Blogger Poll is activated the page refreshes 1 time and creates a trap for your visitors to use back button. There a number of internet users who prefer using Back button instead site's navigation. So what happens when they try to go back by clicking back button? The page enters a perpetual cycle and refreshes again and again unless you click twice very quickly to avoid auto refreshing.

refresh cycle

Auto refreshing pages are common black seo technique used in some pages which want to keep their visitors as long as posible. When you land on the main page you are quickly refreshed with new url so you can't go back to search results page. It's a trap and people don't like traps.

So coming back to Blogger Polls I want to say that if you put this page element on your blog you're risking of detering your visitors to come back because they're being limited by your blog. The solution to this would be to use some Poll widget not from Blogger.

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