CSS Secrets in Big Pages

css code example

Learning from best websites is a good practise and sneak peaking to CSS files is a common thing among many web developers because you can see how one or another thing is done. During one CSS file analysis from well known imdb.com site (which is biggest movie review's site) I found interesting sally to Internet Explorer browser. The original CSS code fragment looks as following:

* html #nb15iesux { margin-left: -900px; position: relative; }

css code example Notice how CSS class is named #nb15iesux. This is maybe because coder wanted to express his opinion about Microsoft products. The code fragment is a fix for displaying problems related to IE6 which has some difficulties with CSS. All major issues were fixed in IE7 so this is still a good browser. Hovewer if you want make sure your site looks the same in every browser you should test and implement all workarounds.

Related reading: If you want easily see css files from webpages I suggest you to install very usefull Firefox add-on called Firebug.

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