Need To Save Flash Games from Sites Like Miniclip?

So you want to download and play flash games on your computer? I tested this trick on these popular free flash game sites: ugotgames, dailyarcade, addictinggames, miniclip, zoopgames, legitgames, It should work on other flash game sites as well. To download flash games from the internet you need this powerfull firefox add-on which can save any flash object from page. It also can save all embedded objects. After installation you will see this Icon icon in the lower right corner of firefox browser. Let's take an example and save one flash game from miniclip site. Open this page with a Superman Returns Save Metropolis game and press Icon. Select view embedded objects. A list with all embedded flash files appears. Download flash games Highlight main.swf file and hit Download. Now you have this game on your computer and can play offline. Important: not every game site allows downloading flash files from their pages. At first read their terms of servise if you can download games for personal use.


Flash Games said...

Great! Now I can play games from miniclip without internet, I love your site so much it made some tears from my eyes. Thanks!!

prashanth venktaswamy said...

oh my god yet it was simple to think...i'm so gretfull to you and here i have downloaded 2004 year flash game helicopter in tunnel for my father to play!! thanks a lot...keep it and i wish that live forever "free computer tips an tricks and news"

prashanth venktaswamy said...

hi dear,,,,i'm so happy to able download the helicopter flash game(2004 model) for my father thank you very much...yout thinking was complex yet so simple to layman...thank you....and let long live this web site "free computer tips tricks and news"..forever!!!
prashanth venkatswamy