Google Page Rank Massacre

Google Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974 imitation

Everybody is talking about recent Page Rank changes, so do I. Not so long ago I wrote about how Google punished Statcounter. It seems that Google decided to clean the mess with Text-Link-Ads using sites because they made impact on those linked sites to gain good page ranks. Statcounter had a major decline from PR8 to PR6 recently. Other victims are: (PR swinged from 7-4-6) (declined from PR6 to PR4) (huge decline from PR7 to 6 and 4 (varies among different data centers)) (from 7 to 5) (from 6 to 4)

All these big sites practise link selling which is considered illegal by Google in order to gain good listings in search page results. However there is one trick to avoid any penalties from Google if you use nofollow atribute in your external links

The standart external link with nofollow html attribute looks like this:

<a href="" rel="nofollow">Link text</a>

Use this type of links when you don't need to give any SEO juice to the site or just aren't sure whether it is blacklisted or not.

Here you can see which parts of those mentioned websites was considered bad by Google

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